Youth Health and Wellbeing (April 2015 Post)

The first three months of this year have been FABULOUS!

Monday nights have become Intergenerational Nights as Andrew and Ryan, from the project, have been delivering presentations to a local sheltered housing complex.  Young and elderly are having fun and learning together, in mutually comfortable situations.

T- Night Youth Group have completed a 1-hour Sponsored Silence in which they managed to raise over £600, which will go towards funding group trips and activities.  A very BIG WELL DONE to all T-Nighters!!  Jenny and I are extremely impressed with your effort!!

1 Group have begun a Public Speaking Project which is becoming increasingly popular.  So far presentations have been delivered by Ryan, Ayman, JL and Andrew and in total thirty-two people have attended the four presentations they have given to date.  Over the next few months David, Sean and Jordan will also begin presenting to audiences.  Progress is being made.  This project is definitely a challenge for some of the guys, but they are focused and determined to succeed.  Watch this space!

A new youth group has been running on Thursday afternoons.  The first three months of the group have been fun with activities such as: Battlefield Live, Art Tie Dye, Go-Karting, Ten Pin Bowling and playing dominoes with the elderly.  All is good.  Everybody is relaxed and happy.

Last, but not least, in April Sean (1 Group) and I are going on an Advanced Planning Visit to Southern Ireland.  This is in connection with a Mind EUR Mental Health Youth Exchange Project which will be taking place at the end of June.  Jenny (volunteer), myself and six youths (one or two from each group) will be participating in the exchange.  It will be held in an Outdoor Education Centre and the other countries involved will be Ireland and France.  Let the fun commence!

Jen McLean

Youth Worker at The Settlement


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