Youth Health And Well-Being Project – November 2015

Monday night Intergenerational Social Evenings continue to be a great success. Mina, Nancy, Jean, Margaret, Ryan, Nicole and myself continue to meet on a weekly basis to share conversation, play games and enjoy tea and biscuits.

T-Night youth Group enjoyed a summer day trip to Cadona’s Amusement Park. Ryan Whyte (former 1 Group member) gave a presentation to T-Night and a couple of things have happened as a result of this:

1) Connor and Brian from T-Night have now also stepped up to the challenge and both have recently given their first presentations at Grey Lodge. Both boys did amazingly well and have said they would like to give more presentations in the future which is fantastic news.

2) Shannon and Rachel (also members of T-Night) informed us that their teachers at school like to invite guest speakers into their classes so Ryan has now met with the teachers to discuss the possibility of beginning to give presentations at their school.

Fearless Youth Group is in the midst of preparing a Fearless Youth Group Presentation and have recently participated in One World Centre’s Global Citizen Art Project. They went on a day trip to Edinburgh together where they visited Camera Obscura.

In the summer, 1 Group took part in an Area Presentation/Debate which was a lot of fun. 1 Group has finished meeting now as Sean has started work, Ayman has started college and Ryan’s work and college hours have changed. Jordan and David from the group have recently completed a Graffiti Project (please see attached photo) with professional graffiti artist, “Ads”.

The young people from the Youth Health and Well-being Project who participated in the Mind EUR Mental Health Youth Exchange in Ireland (Robbie, Brian, Keir, Ryan, Sean and Andrew) all had a fantastic time with the French and Irish participants. Many friendships were made while they explored aspects of Mental Health.

A new youth group is in the process of being set up. A group of 17/18 year old boys and girls from Dundee College will be sitting down together next week to plan an activity programme and choose a name for their group. 12036551_1770969686463638_9112984671032989800_n

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