Youth Health and Well Being Project

In the past few months the youths involved in this project have participated in many different activities.

G.W.N.N. Youth Group are in the process of creating a film and learning the Italian language in preparation for their exchange trip to Italy this summer. They have also been regularly visiting two nearby sheltered housing complexes to participate in social evenings with the elderly (i.e. Quiz nights, Bingo nights, Games nights and Music nights).

T-Night Youth Group’s programme has included: a fishing trip, a night at the observatory, a ghost walk, swimming, Sexual Health and Drug and Alcohol Education nights and a Volunteering night at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Youths of ‘1 Group’ have enjoyed a band night with ‘Fat Goth’ and trips to the ice skating, cinema, local pool/snooker club and Battlefield Live. They have also completed a Graffiti Project.

Youths from all three groups mentioned have achieved lots.

               Jen McLean                                                                      

Youth Worker at The Settlement. 

The Over 50’s Group

The Over 50’s Group

There has been a Pensioners group at Grey Lodge from away back,

It was named The Over 50’s Club in the 80’s to encourage younger members. Now we have people whose age’s range from 50-90 years!

We Dance every Tuesday and Friday. have day trips, go to Theatres, Parties, Functions and much more goings on throughout the year! – just some of the events happening at the Settlement,

Till next time,

See you at Grey Lodge?

Jackie’s First Blog Post!

Hi my name is Jackie and I am a full-time youth worker here at Grey Lodge Settlement. My area of work is predominately based around a project called the 4xAAAA’s, which is an additional support service for secondary schools in the Dundee area. One of the groups on the project have recently been working on producing their own fun, interactive computer games. We hope Cameron (one of our trainees), will be able to add their completed games to our new website.

Worker at the Settlement

Alan’s February Blog Post!

Update time already!
So what has happened in February?
* Both our Minibuses have been washed!!
** We have 14 teams confirmed for our March Fundraising Jailbreak!
*** Lesley- a great member of staff – left on Friday 28th February, after almost 12 years of terrific service.
**** CJ went off to Ceparana for a 6 month work placement.
***** We bought brand-new Cookers!
******The numbers attending The Settlement were very high – we must be doing something right!!
******* Hurry up March……..

         Alan Duncan
Worker at the Settlement

Alan’s First Blog Post!!

Hello, Everyone!

I’m pretty sure that I am excited to be writing this first “Blog-Post” for the (new) Web-site created through the efforts of Cameron (one of our youth trainees connected to our 4xAAAA’s Plus Project) and Iain (one of our 4xAAAA’s Project Workers, and long standing, valuable supporters of the Grey Lodge Settlement)!

We hope to continue to develop this initiative, and through time, more and more links will be added…..and up-dated.

This year (2014) is already shaping up to be a really good one for us.

More people are coming to The Settlement, our fundraising Jailbreak is only weeks away, a trip to Armenia is planned for May, a youth exchange to Italy will happen in July, we hope to host a group of Eire youth in early August, a Glitzy Ball will take place in June….. and there’s more!!

Watch out for my February “Blog-Post”!!

         Alan Duncan

Worker at the Settlement