Jen’s November 2016 Post

There are now 4 workers in the Youth Health and Well-being Project. These workers are Jamie-lee Morgan, Ryan Whyte, Liam Dowdles and Jen McLean. This allows for there to be 5 youth groups which meet on a weekly basis. These youth groups are: Jammy Johnnies, Bash Street Bairns, Fearless, T-Night and Grey Lodge Gals. Many of the young people involved in the Project have been participating in a Music Project over the past 2 months. James Ritchie has been popping into Grey Lodge each week to provide drum and guitar tuition. The young people involved are really enjoying being taught by James. A team meeting has been arranged for December so that all workers on the Youth Health and Well-being Project can get to know each other better and find out more about each youth group involved.

The School Transition Project now has 3 Primary School Groups participating in it. These groups are P7s from Rosebank, P6/P7s from Our Lady’s and P7s from SS Peter and Paul’s. Tina McConnachie, Jen McLean and Alan Duncan work together in this Project. The aim of this Project is to prepare the children for their transition from primary to secondary school.

The Intergenerational Project has a team of 6 workers. These workers are Alan Duncan, Jen McLean, Jamie-lee Morgan, Ryan Whyte, Sean McGregor and Connor McDade. Jamie-lee Morgan and Ryan Whyte have started running activity afternoons with Martingale Sheltered Housing Complex on Mondays and Ann St. Sheltered Housing Complex on Tuesdays. A team meeting will take place in December to discuss progress and make some plans for the future.

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