Alan’s Blog

I can’t believe that I seem to be attracting a following for this technological “turn-around” from myself – the most dinosaur-like person on the planet!  However, let no-one forget that it is Ryan who pushes the buttons, prints the outputs, inputs the data, keeps the computer links alive!!

I only write the words on scrap paper!

What has the Summer of ’16 produced?  Again, another load of action, events, activities, fun and enjoyment.

*An exchange trip to Co. Leitrim, Eire (thanks Causeway and our Irish friends)

**A Summer Playscheme (thanks to Radio Tay – Cash For Kids)

***A Stirling Castle & Edinburgh Castle adventure (thanks to Historic Scotland)

****Trips to Ceres & Falkland for our Over 50’s (thanks to Age Scotland)

*****A highly successful July 30th Fun Day/Fundraiser (thanks to Jen & her army of Volunteers)

******A Menolej Group 25th Anniversary Dinner at the Queen’s Hotel (thanks to the group for the invitation)

And in the words of Jimmy Cricket (who remembers him?  Answers on a postcard to Alan!)….

Come here, And there’s more!!…..Well in my next Blog……You’ll just have to wait!!!