Jen’s November 2016 Post

There are now 4 workers in the Youth Health and Well-being Project. These workers are Jamie-lee Morgan, Ryan Whyte, Liam Dowdles and Jen McLean. This allows for there to be 5 youth groups which meet on a weekly basis. These youth groups are: Jammy Johnnies, Bash Street Bairns, Fearless, T-Night and Grey Lodge Gals. Many of the young people involved in the Project have been participating in a Music Project over the past 2 months. James Ritchie has been popping into Grey Lodge each week to provide drum and guitar tuition. The young people involved are really enjoying being taught by James. A team meeting has been arranged for December so that all workers on the Youth Health and Well-being Project can get to know each other better and find out more about each youth group involved.

The School Transition Project now has 3 Primary School Groups participating in it. These groups are P7s from Rosebank, P6/P7s from Our Lady’s and P7s from SS Peter and Paul’s. Tina McConnachie, Jen McLean and Alan Duncan work together in this Project. The aim of this Project is to prepare the children for their transition from primary to secondary school.

The Intergenerational Project has a team of 6 workers. These workers are Alan Duncan, Jen McLean, Jamie-lee Morgan, Ryan Whyte, Sean McGregor and Connor McDade. Jamie-lee Morgan and Ryan Whyte have started running activity afternoons with Martingale Sheltered Housing Complex on Mondays and Ann St. Sheltered Housing Complex on Tuesdays. A team meeting will take place in December to discuss progress and make some plans for the future.

Jen’s March 2016 Blog

As we approach the last few months of the school term our School Transition Project is nearing the end of its first year. All children involved in the project have put in lots of effort to overcome challenges/obstacles and reach personal and collective goals. Happy memories have been made and self-esteem and confidence levels have increased. The first year has definitely been a successful one! Children, school staff and the Grey Lodge workforce all look forward to the future.

In January Ryan Whyte began his Titanic Project at St John’s. Each Monday morning Ryan and I have been working with S1 – S4 pupils in the Supported Education Department of the school. The plan is that we will continue doing this until at least summertime. We are forming good relationships with everyone there and the pupils, in particular, are enjoying the project Ryan has prepared for them. Well done Ryan!

We continue to learn and share laughter at our Monday Night Intergenerational Social Evenings. Since the start of 2016 we have celebrated several group members’ birthdays. Ryan’s 21st, Sean’s 21st and my 30th. The next birthday celebration will be Nancy’s 90th this month! We can’t wait!

Our newest youth group, YOLO Squad are participating in an Outdoor Project. Our first outdoor activity was a jog, in Baxter Park, led by Dean and Aidan.

T-Night Youth Group recently helped to deliver a Bingo Night for residents at Perth’s Canal Street Sheltered Housing Complex for which there was a fantastic turnout – A full house!

Fearless Youth Group have several projects up and running at the moment. These include: a Skills Project, a Talent Project, a Music Project and a Health Project. Plenty of productivity!

Thank you to Nick, Jamie-Lee and Sean for volunteering each week and helping the Youth Health and Well-being Project to continue to run smoothly.

Youth Health And Well-Being Project – November 2015

Monday night Intergenerational Social Evenings continue to be a great success. Mina, Nancy, Jean, Margaret, Ryan, Nicole and myself continue to meet on a weekly basis to share conversation, play games and enjoy tea and biscuits.

T-Night youth Group enjoyed a summer day trip to Cadona’s Amusement Park. Ryan Whyte (former 1 Group member) gave a presentation to T-Night and a couple of things have happened as a result of this:

1) Connor and Brian from T-Night have now also stepped up to the challenge and both have recently given their first presentations at Grey Lodge. Both boys did amazingly well and have said they would like to give more presentations in the future which is fantastic news.

2) Shannon and Rachel (also members of T-Night) informed us that their teachers at school like to invite guest speakers into their classes so Ryan has now met with the teachers to discuss the possibility of beginning to give presentations at their school.

Fearless Youth Group is in the midst of preparing a Fearless Youth Group Presentation and have recently participated in One World Centre’s Global Citizen Art Project. They went on a day trip to Edinburgh together where they visited Camera Obscura.

In the summer, 1 Group took part in an Area Presentation/Debate which was a lot of fun. 1 Group has finished meeting now as Sean has started work, Ayman has started college and Ryan’s work and college hours have changed. Jordan and David from the group have recently completed a Graffiti Project (please see attached photo) with professional graffiti artist, “Ads”.

The young people from the Youth Health and Well-being Project who participated in the Mind EUR Mental Health Youth Exchange in Ireland (Robbie, Brian, Keir, Ryan, Sean and Andrew) all had a fantastic time with the French and Irish participants. Many friendships were made while they explored aspects of Mental Health.

A new youth group is in the process of being set up. A group of 17/18 year old boys and girls from Dundee College will be sitting down together next week to plan an activity programme and choose a name for their group. 12036551_1770969686463638_9112984671032989800_n

Youth Health and Wellbeing (April 2015 Post)

The first three months of this year have been FABULOUS!

Monday nights have become Intergenerational Nights as Andrew and Ryan, from the project, have been delivering presentations to a local sheltered housing complex.  Young and elderly are having fun and learning together, in mutually comfortable situations.

T- Night Youth Group have completed a 1-hour Sponsored Silence in which they managed to raise over £600, which will go towards funding group trips and activities.  A very BIG WELL DONE to all T-Nighters!!  Jenny and I are extremely impressed with your effort!!

1 Group have begun a Public Speaking Project which is becoming increasingly popular.  So far presentations have been delivered by Ryan, Ayman, JL and Andrew and in total thirty-two people have attended the four presentations they have given to date.  Over the next few months David, Sean and Jordan will also begin presenting to audiences.  Progress is being made.  This project is definitely a challenge for some of the guys, but they are focused and determined to succeed.  Watch this space!

A new youth group has been running on Thursday afternoons.  The first three months of the group have been fun with activities such as: Battlefield Live, Art Tie Dye, Go-Karting, Ten Pin Bowling and playing dominoes with the elderly.  All is good.  Everybody is relaxed and happy.

Last, but not least, in April Sean (1 Group) and I are going on an Advanced Planning Visit to Southern Ireland.  This is in connection with a Mind EUR Mental Health Youth Exchange Project which will be taking place at the end of June.  Jenny (volunteer), myself and six youths (one or two from each group) will be participating in the exchange.  It will be held in an Outdoor Education Centre and the other countries involved will be Ireland and France.  Let the fun commence!

Jen McLean

Youth Worker at The Settlement


Youth Health and Wellbeing (November Post)

On September 29th Monday Night Youth Group visited Dundee University to listen to ‘In Conversation with Brian Cox’.  Andrew has been a fantastic Quiz Master at our social evenings at Martingale Sheltered Housing Complex and the boys are involved in a short film making project.


Several new members have joined T-Night and Jenny and I are very impressed with the way everybody continues to work together and support each other to achieve different things every week.  Well Done to all T-Nighters!


Since our trip to Slovenia each member of 1 Group has been very busy. David our newest member is settling in well and Ryan has been concentrating on a Titanic Presentation which he will deliver to several Grey Lodge members this Wednesday (26th).  As well as this, Ayman has finished painting a canvas which we will display outside the office and Sean has managed to get a job.


All is good!!



Youth Health and Well Being (September Post)

G.W.N.N’s ‘Youth Volunteering – Into Action’ Exchange trip in Italy was a great success.  We visited many different parts of the country including: Cinque Terre, Portovenere and Pisa.  We volunteered at the Summer Festival in a small community called Bolano.  We helped out with Children’s Workshops, helped to set up dining areas and performed, and taught, Scottish Country Dancing to the locals.  The youths participated enthusiastically in the Exchange Programme activities and fully immersed themselves in the Italian culture.  A great time was had by both Scots and Italians!

T-Night have enjoyed a lunch trip to Jimmy Chungs (Yum Yum!) and have been taught some DJ-ing skills from Connor during ‘Music Night’.  Well done Connor…..or should I say DJ Connor?!

1 Group  have begun to plan for the ‘Destination- Healthier Future’ Exchange in Slovenia (3/10/14 to 10/10/14).  We are looking forward to meeting the youths and leaders from the other participating countries – Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovenia.  Our excitement is growing!

Youth Health and Well Being (July Post)

June was a month of fundraising for all the youths involved in the project.  G.W.N.N raised funds by doing hair braiding, nail art, a treasure hunt and a ‘Lucky Key’ activity at the Grey Lodge Summer Fete and T-Night and 1 Group participated in Fancy Dress Sponsored Walks across the Tay Road Bridge.  All money raised will go towards youth group activities.  Well done to everybody for your commitment, hard work and effort.


In other news…G.W.N.N will be heading to Italy on July 22nd for the second part of our ‘Youth Volunteering – Into Action’ Exchange Project, T-Night enjoyed a day trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park and 1 Group spent a day in St Andrews together.


The two boys (Ayman and Ryan) who participated in the Tall Ships Challenge arrived home on Sunday.  They spent a week learning how to sail and race Challenger Yachts in the Channel Islands.  Ryan summed up his experience as follows…’The Tall Ships Challenge was simply an eye opener for myself.  It was a great adventure and I enjoyed it.  I’ve now met a few new people and we are staying in contact.  I would recommend Tall Ships Challenge to anyone and I think I’ll try again next year!!’

Ayman's Tall Ship AwardRyan's Tall Ship Award

Aboard the yachtChallenger Yacht

Youth Health and Well Being (May Post)

A few good things have happened since March….

G.W.N.N’s Summer Exchange trip to Italy has been booked and I am pleased to say that all 8 members of the group will be going.

T-Night spent Easter weekend at Jock Neish Scout Centre.  From trying out the assault course and making a campfire to having an Easter Egg Hunt and visiting Brechin Castle there was never a dull moment.

The 1-Group have started a ‘Water Project’ which will run until the end of the year.  The plan is to take part in one water related activity each month.  Two of the group have booked up to go sailing, for a week at the start of July, on The Rank Regatta Challenger Yachts and last week the group went fishing at ‘Forbes of Kingennie’.