Alan’s Blog (June ’15)

Well June has, so far, been eventful and exciting!  The Ever Alerts Group dodged the rain, as they made it up and down Kinnoull Hill….with Grant J. leading the way.

Our Transition Group Project has gone from strength to strength.  It is so reassuring to have such a competent and trustworthy team of adult staff.

Our Youth/Intergenerational work is going ever so well.  Ryan and Andrew really are “producing” the goods.

W. L. Gore employees (Maria G. plus 3) paid us a very welcome visit, handing over a £500 cheque too (always appreciated).

Our Charity Fundraising Ball went brilliantly on Saturday 6 June at the Apex Hotel.  So many people enjoyed themselves, and have asked for tickets for next year.  This is encouraging.  Do you want to go?  If you do – phone Alan at 01382-223943.  This would prove someone, somewhere reads this “BLOG COMPUTER STUFF” !!!

Till the next time……keep smiling.



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  1. Wow, I never thought I would see the day Alan was blogging!!!! I no longer live in Dundee but having been part of the Grey Lodge “family” since back in 2003 when I volunteered for a time under the expert eye of Alan. I learned so much from my experiences as a volunteer and am committed to supporting the work of the grey lodge forever now.

    Congratulations Alan, you are still building real community spirit and influencing young and old peoples lives for the better. Great to see you are connecting with people through the medium of the internet now!

    Alan and his team deal with the most valuable currency of trust and integrity every day, they do this with a smile, its amazing.

    Put me down for a ticket for next years event. I will pay 50p a week between now and then……

    Keep on blogging, someone reads it…………

    Paul Boylan

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